It Pays to Advertise Yourself!

            No matter where you look, advertising is everywhere. From the moment we wake up in the morning until the time our eyes close at night we will see and hear thousands of messages. And there is a whole exciting and expanding industry devoted to creating and delivering those messages.

And in today's digital age, online advertising and social media are becoming an increasingly more important and effective way of speaking to a hungrily consuming audience. There are many different and exciting roles available within the industry and the type of person you are and the sort of qualifications you have, will largely dictate which area is most suited to you.

In today's landscape, the media role could actually be divided into two separate areas - 'traditional media' and 'digital media'. As the names suggest, traditional media refers to the more longstanding outlets like television, radio and print (newspapers, magazines and outdoor). Historically, this area has been the more dominant, snaring the lions' share of most clients' media budgets.

But as each year passes, digital media is taking a greater share of the total media spend. Online advertising and in particular social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc) are becoming vital parts of the modern marketing approach.

In fact, online and social media has become so important that some advertising agencies and media agencies have entire departments devoted to maximizing the effectiveness of social media campaigns. (The 18-25 year old demographic is one of the most important and influential groups on any marketer's radar. And research proves that for the first time in history they now spend more time online than they do in front of the television.)

Advertising is an interesting, challenging and rewarding career for the right people, and SEEK currently has a range of great opportunities across all areas of advertising.

The roles generally require a healthy imagination and some negotiation skills that combine a level of self-assuredness with a touch of diplomacy and pragmatism.

To give yourself the best chance of snaring a job, complete a Jobs24-7 profile so that prospective employers can find you. You can write your own summary so that people will know who you are and what you have to offer.

Advertising is all about standing out from the clutter and promoting features and benefits. So make your first client you - advertise yourself and who knows where it will take you.




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